Digital data

Image data


- Hand 


- Hand  


- Print out

- Books

- Drawing

- Computerised


- Web 

- Survey

- Picture


- Drawing


Data entry


Data Process


Image Process




OCR, Data base, Search engine, Indexing, Customised


* Delivery: online/offline, near shore/offshore

Online data entry

Online data entry of e-books

Online data entry and compilation from web site

Online business card data entry into any format

Online catalog data entry

Online from paper/books with high accuracy and speed

Online data capture/ collection

Data entry from image files in any format

Online data entry from handwritten/ printed material into MS office

Strategic online data entry into software program and application

Online data entry for mailing list' mailing label

Typing Manuscript into MS word

Online copying, pasting, editing, sorting, and indexing data

Specific client requirement

Offline data entry

Data collection from various sites

Valuable URL list collection

Offline form filling

Specific client requirement

Image capture

Hand Written/ Card Entry

Book entry

Legal document entry

Specified client requirement

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